Frequently Ask Questions Page 

What kind of projects are you working on currently?

HFCO is currently working with the Island of Montserrat in the West Indies to help improve their overall health system with the expansion of technology and education. In 2024, we looking to expand to other neighboring islands in our goal for the Caribbean region  

Why did you choose to start with Montserrat W.I?

HFCO choose to start with its home island and our people.  HFCO was founded by two strong Montserrat-born leaders and we wanted our mission to start with our people and we our people pilot and lead the way. 

What are the areas of specialities are you focusing on?

Our area of focus range fro Primary Care, Cardiac Care, Mental Health, Pain Management and many more. 

How do you make healthcare affordable for our people in the Caribbean?

We help with cost through our amazing donators & partners!

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